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Growing up in Southern California, the beach has always been a part of our lives. Whether taking a bike ride to the beach, playing beach volleyball, getting in a surf session, we are always drawn there.

But California also has incredible mountains that are not too far. They are so addictive. In the winter, if we here there is snow coming we’re up there.

Snowboarding is a huge part of our lives. We have also been camping and on road adventures since we were little. The mountains here have always called us and we never hesitate to visit.

In the last 10-15 years, we have become avid backpackers. In fact, my sister will be doing the John Muir Trail in August. I can’t wait to hear all about her adventures when she gets back. I might end up doing some drawings of her photos and memories.

In any case, the best thing about living in Southern California is you can backpack and play beach volleyball in one day. You can snowboard and surf another day. You really can’t beat that.

lakeside view

moment: lakeside view

It all began 9 years ago when our friend Kicsi (small) in Hungarian and us wanted to do a collective camping trip. We’d camped at Aspen Hollow Campground before and decided to find something in that area. We decided that the Hume Lake area would be a perfect place to meet as it was almost perfectly the same distance driving for each of us. Hume Lake is a beautiful reservoir sitting at 5,200 feet within the Sequoia National Forest. Our group of friends come from Northern California and Southern California; we’ve even had a friend of ours from Cleveland, Ohio join us on one of the trips. Now every year on Memorial Day weekend, we set out to meet up with old and new friends for our annual “taking it eazy” camp.

Every year we made shirts for the event and since Memorial Day is coming up this year, I went ahead and drew the design above on the computer for this years shirts. On the upside we’re making it available to you all, if you are interested, we have this artwork available on apparel.  We will have prints available soon.

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lakeside view

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Yosemite down below


There’s a place in the middle of our state that may have just become a little too popular in the last couple of years, but for good reason. California is such an interesting state. You can hike and surf literally in the same day. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in California’s heart – Yosemite National Park sits in these mountains and is honestly one of those places you have to visit in your lifetime. We’ve been there a few times and this picture was taken January of 2016.  It was a  very low snow year so we were able to drive all the way in without any worries.  Even Bridal Veil Falls was dry.

Last month, we got an email that hasn’t come through in over 5 years. We got permits to hike Half Dome on a Saturday; for five years we have tried and now we’ll finally have the chance to climb it this July(2018). It has been close to 6 years that my sister and I have tried to get permits.  We both applied for permits.  It’s always tough to put in permits and decide how many to apply for.  One of us got the acceptance letter and one of us failed. The point is, we are going and this inspired me to draw a picture from our past trip to Yosemite. We said, one day we’re going to hike that place.

It’s hard to explain how stoked we are about bagging Half Dome. I bet we’ll have an even better drawing coming this fall after we hike it.

*Announcement: We will have prints and apparel available that will be announced of this drawing soon!