temple crag

my sister and I went for an impromptu backpacking trip that ended up being something that i will never forget. for being one of the well known day hikes in the eastern sierras, we got lucky; not many people were on the trail. we had permits for another hike and decided to cancel those when we asked the rangers office if this trail had openings. it was open, yes! my sister has been to the area and wanted to take me for a very long time. this was our time, here we go.

this are is quite the popular place, well-known for where you can enjoy the view of temple crag from second lake (north fork, big pine). we were a little ahead of schedule for backpacking trips as there was quite a bit of snow still. no worries there as we brought along the gear we needed. plenty of spots to put up a tent out of the snow though!

moment: perfect reflection on the water before dinner time. i think one of my favorite parts of backpacking is getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. one of the other pros i believe is that there is one goal, getting to the destination and with that comes a little work b having to push yourself to hike there, having to carry all your gear there, getting to enjoy what the destination has to offer after the hard work you put in to get there. that destination is always worth it, no matter how hard it is.

the eastern sierras hold a place in our hearts, this drawing is just a reminder, a moment at how beautiful and serene this area is. goal as long as we’re in California is to take in every moment of this area and explore. take a moment, take a look and take care of our planet!

can’t wait to share more of this area and these moments! Link to shop.

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