find your treasure


>>moment: find your treasure and get outside

This week’s inspiration came from a picture from my sister. She sent me this photo to do a sketch of the little guy. We were eating breakfast the day before our Mt. Whitney summit when we caught a glimpse of this chipmunk posing on top of a rock.

An interesting fact about chipmunks: their genus name Tamias is Greek for “treasurer”, “steward”, or “housekeeper”. Many of us stay at home on the weekends and relax, but why not relax somewhere outside. Be like this chipmunk and find your treasure out there and get outside.

Where you headed this weekend?

hike to your happy place

hiketoyourhappyplace.jpgIt’s not just the climb, it’s the view.  I mean if you knew the two of us, you know that almost every other weekend we spend in the mountains. Hiking is a big part of our lives. This design depicts the perfect reflection of two hikers walking by the water on their path to wherever they were going. They are so focused and in the moment; they’re in their “happy place”.

Link to apparel.