weekends in mammoth

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In the last 5 years, Mammoth has become a second home to us throughout the winter and even in the summer. My sister and I always long to be in the outside. We are stoked when the winters in mammoth allow us to ride the best snow when possible. Ideally we would be able to spend all winter in Mammoth, but we do have day jobs so we’re excited to even spend our weekends in Mammoth. Yes, we wake up super early on Saturday morning and come back home on Sunday. Some people think or say we’re crazy, but it really isn’t crazy to do what you love and go where you want to go when you have the time to do it. No one should let his or her life pass you by. You don’t need to limit yourself. Instead of looking at things like they’re obstacles, look past that and think positive. How can I make this happen? Just go!!!! Just get out there!!!!

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