yosemite down below part 2

When I look at my newest creation I think about the time that we got news of a fire in the valley and it was closed.  We had permits to hike Half Dome in 2018  and were unable to do so due to the unforeseen circumstances.  It puts things into perspective as to how nature just does it’s thing.  One day though, we’ll get out there to hike you Half Dome

Now let’s not get pessimistic as I had a brief trip with my sister to Yosemite because one of two things.  One, I left my job at that time with no job to come back to, but it was all for the right reasons – trust me.  I gave my 2 weeks notice, found a job and asked if I could have a couple weeks to take a break.  Well, I was one lucky employee when they said yes!

Two, my sister wanted to spend some time in Yosemite on her way up to Stockton for a job visit she had and so we pulled the plug and just went for it.  She was so excited about taking her new Subaru for just a little trip that she had built a DIY bed that we were so lucky to try out on this trip. 

I’ve told her a million times she needs to show that little bed off because it was absolutely a gem on this trip.  We slept in the Subaru every night.  We were able to pick up and just go even with the bed installed.  We hiked, we did the touristy things and enjoyed the quiet “winter” in Yosemite!

Check out her website – she is an avid hiker and blogger. www.beyondlimitsonfoot.com

It was a week well earned that we’ll never forget.  A little while back, I drew this photo in pencil and thought a challenge would be cool to put some color to it on the computer.  So… check out this drawing and enjoy it!

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Yosemite down below


There’s a place in the middle of our state that may have just become a little too popular in the last couple of years, but for good reason. California is such an interesting state. You can hike and surf literally in the same day. The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in California’s heart – Yosemite National Park sits in these mountains and is honestly one of those places you have to visit in your lifetime. We’ve been there a few times and this picture was taken January of 2016.  It was a  very low snow year so we were able to drive all the way in without any worries.  Even Bridal Veil Falls was dry.

Last month, we got an email that hasn’t come through in over 5 years. We got permits to hike Half Dome on a Saturday; for five years we have tried and now we’ll finally have the chance to climb it this July(2018). It has been close to 6 years that my sister and I have tried to get permits.  We both applied for permits.  It’s always tough to put in permits and decide how many to apply for.  One of us got the acceptance letter and one of us failed. The point is, we are going and this inspired me to draw a picture from our past trip to Yosemite. We said, one day we’re going to hike that place.

It’s hard to explain how stoked we are about bagging Half Dome. I bet we’ll have an even better drawing coming this fall after we hike it.

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hike to your happy place

hiketoyourhappyplace.jpgIt’s not just the climb, it’s the view.  I mean if you knew the two of us, you know that almost every other weekend we spend in the mountains. Hiking is a big part of our lives. This design depicts the perfect reflection of two hikers walking by the water on their path to wherever they were going. They are so focused and in the moment; they’re in their “happy place”.

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